Vertigo Rehabilitation Chair

Start living life again without vertigo!

Vertigo is a common and often disabling condition. It can reduce quality of life and work productivity because it causes dizziness, difficulty focusing, and lightheadedness. Vertigo can be caused by a variety of factors and is not always easy to diagnose or treat.

Vertigo Problem

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a condition characterized by dizziness or the feeling that you are moving when you are not. It can be caused by central nervous system issues, such as central vertigo, or inner ear problems like peripheral vertigo. Vertigo can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and hearing loss. Vertigo is often caused by an inner ear infection or injury, but it can also result from problems with the brain or spinal cord.

Causes of Vertigo

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of vertigo, and the treatment and management have been varied. A probable cause might be diabetes mellitus, hypertension or cervical spondylosis. The main organ involved is the vestibular system.

Diseases that lead to dizziness can be caused by a number of conditions, including poor circulation and low blood pressure. The first step in diagnosing a condition is a complete medical check-up. Audiometry is a thorough test of various hearing abilities; an electronystagmography provides clues about the nature of the problem. In platform post urography, you stand on a movable platform as your responses to movement are recorded.
Vertigo Rehabilitation Chair

Solution for Vertigo Problems

An indigenous attempt has been made in designing and fabricating a rehabilitation chair with high-technology mechanisms that allow for the treatment of vertigo patients. The chair is capable of treating several types of vertigo including:

  • BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
  • SCCV (Spontaneous cerebellar cortical hemorrhage)
  • Migraine headache

That's right, Vertigo Rehabilitation chair can help your vertigo without the side effects of medication.


Start living life again without vertigo! Order your Vertigo Rehabilitation chair from us today!


Vertigo causes dizziness, difficulty focusing, and lightheadedness. Vertigo can be caused by a variety of factors and is not always easy to diagnose or treat.


Don't wait to find out how this chair changed one man's life. For less than a Seattle chiropractor visit, you'll get your own Vertigo Rehabilitation Chair in the privacy of your home.

Our Team

Team Behind the innovation

Concept Designed by

Prof. Pranesh Rao

Prof. In Audiology (Rtd), Institute of Aerospace Medicine IAF, National & State Awardee

Clinical evaluation by

Mr. S. N. Badrinath

Consultant Vestibular Audiologist, Meenakshi ENT Speciality Hospital


“I had experienced severe dizziness and giddiness (Vertigo) during May 2020. Under the belief that the problem is related to neurology issues, I consulted doctor Satish Chandra, Neurologist, at Apollo hospitals, who opined that the problem may be related to inner ear and hence suggested to consult
an ENT specialist. Accordingly, I consulted Dr. Pradeep Kumar of Meenakshi ENT Speciality Centre at Banashankari 2nd Stage where we reside on 19th June, 2020. Dr. Pradeep Kumar is an eminent ENT specialist and an excellent human being. The hospital is well maintained and contains all the facilities for the in-patients as well as out-patients. He diagnosed my problem as Miniere's disease causing Vertigo related issues. The prescription to was two pronged. The first limb is application of Medication and The second limb is Vestibular Exercises/Balance Therapy Treatment for a fortnight, comprising of "Vertigo Chair Therapy" and "The Balance Therapy using the Board" conducted by Mr.Badrinath, Audiovestibular Specialist, trained at UK. I have undergone the exercises and I felt that,Mr.Badrinath is an eminent specialist and an amazing Human Being. The Balance Therapy using the Board consists of several Balance therapy related Games which are one of its kind, which are specific to Meenakshi ENT and Mr.Badrinath, not available in any other part of South India. The Medication and the Balance Therapy Treatment did wonders and gave me remarkable relief and I could get well from vertigo related issues. I am totally satisfied with the treatment at Meenakshi ENT Specialty Hospital (MENTS) and I recommend MENTS to other Patients as well.”
Samba Moorthy.V
“I came here due to the problem of giddiness while getting up or moving swiftly. I got treated by Dr Pradeep and by Dr Badhrinath. I felt the therapy brought me back to place and now there is no feeling of giddiness. All 15 days of therapy were good. it was a wonderful experience with the staff and
the doctor. I got all my doubts cleared regarding my health. dr Badhrinath was very helpful and kind. Thank you for your support.”
Rajeshwari K C

“My father underwent ear surgery at this hospital. Dr. Pradeep explained us the problem and treated him well. The whole staff is very co operative and friendly. Thanks to the whole team and the doctor for treating my father and bringing the smile back on his face.”
Suma Bhat
“Excellent ENT Consultation and surgery services provided by the most experienced surgeons Dr Pradeep Kumar & Shreyas P Pradeep. Dedicated support from Administrator Mr Justin is really appreciated.”
Preetham K.J.
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